One of our most recent case studies (at the time of writing) is the Twyn Community Centre in Caerphilly. Our customer required external LED lighting to improve visibility and security around the community centre.

The centre was built in 1880, originally as a Methodist chapel, therefore it was essential that the new lighting was not too extravagant for the building.

As you can see by the photo below, the lights fitted are very small and subtle, however, because they are LED lights, they are powerful once switched on.

The lamp lifetime is expected to be 18 years, which means no changing bulbs every few years and less maintenance required.

Alongside the external lighting, we were also asked to fit some internal LED batons. These were used to illuminate the stained glass that the building still had. This allows the building to use their lighting in a more creative way when the building is being used as it can be used solely on its own, or in conjunction with other lighting in the building.

Below are some before and after photos, which show the subtlety of the external lighting installed.



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