We have recently been working with a lot of office-based businesses which is becoming an increasingly large portion of our customers base. Why is this?

I personally think that a lot of it is down to light quality and working environment. Business owners are increasingly concerned about the effect that poor lighting has on productivity, sickness and staff turnover. Many studies have shown that flickering fluorescent tubes, glaring lamps and dull CFLs can lead to headaches, eye strain and reduce productivity.

One of the aspects of our work that we are very proud of is the “back to the drawing board” approach. We look at each workspace and ask ourselves: “what will this be used for?” “where are the areas that need the most focus” “is this customer-facing or back office”. These type of questions allow us to build a design that is absolutely suitable for purpose.

Flicker is a big issue and we eliminate this through flicker-free LED lamps. Glare can also be a problem too – especially considering most workers spend a large proportion of their day at a computer screen – this requires a combination of low-glare units and clever location to minimise.

Traditional lamps also generate a lot of heat so the inherent cool qualities of LED lighting makes those hot summer (remember this July/August?!) days a little more bearable.

So there are lots of benefits to LED lighting in an office space – not just energy efficiency, carbon reduction and reduced maintenance.